What MPG do your diesel conversion get?

For the most part they get around low to mid 20 MPG’s. Each vehicle is configured differently; 33″, 38″, 35″ tires, 0″, 3″, 4″, 7″ suspension lifts, gearing, differently tuned 4BT and 6BT Cummins Turbo Diesels. We should also remind you diesel conversions should not be done based on fuel savings alone,  due to the overall cost of installing a diesel engine.


Can I tow a trailer with my diesel conversion?

Sure, you can tow a trailer. Some vehicles are better at towing than others whether or not they have diesel engines. So ultimately it is up to you, what you do with your vehicle. For example, the suspension on an 80 Series Land Cruiser makes it great off road but does not make it a great tow vehicle. Diesel or not. So, we suggest light loads. Especially if you have a lift


Trade In’s?

We take CLEAN LAND CRUISERS in on trade. We will look for signs of abuse and rust and our prices will reflect market value. Trade in prices are better than a dealership will give you but probably not what you think the vehicle is worth. And for the most part its better if you remove the accessory items like bumpers, winches etc as they have little value to us.


Will you convert my vehicle?

Yes! We are currently booked through March 2018. We install 5.9 12 valves and commonrails into 40, 60, and 80 series Land cruisers Transmission options include Toyota automatics, Dodge 68RFE automatic or NV4500 manual. Cummins R2.8 conversions available for the smaller vehicles. Conversions typically start around $25k parts and labor.


What about the new R2.8 Cummins?

We will have a new lineup of adapters and installation parts available for the R2.8 early 2018. Available adapters will include: GM V8 pattern manual or auto, Cummins to Cummins adapter (facilitates the use of any Dodge transmission- NV4500, 5600, 68RFE, etc), Toyota 3.0/3.4 V6 adapter and Toyota 4.0 V6 adapter. R2.8 complete conversions available as well. Please contact for details.


Can I buy copies of your videos?



Will you work on my car?



Will the vehicle pass emissions testing?

Different states, counties and metro areas have different laws regarding engine conversions and emissions requirements. We cannot and do not get involved in the emissions process nor can we guarantee any vehicle will pass your local emissions requirements. You should do your own research and be comfortable with registering the vehicle in your local jurisdiction.


Do you use other engines besides CUMMINS diesels?



I’m in Australia. I want some/all of your FZJ 6BT kit/ A 6BT engine/ An adapter kit!

Yes, most of the FZJ80 Cummins kit fits RH drive 80 series and several have been installed in RH drive 80 and 105 series.

We can supply conversion parts, engines and transmissions and help with shipping.

We can help you understand the different models of Cummins engines and which one is right for your application. This is a bigger deal than you might think. When you source an engine from North America you might get the engines nobody wants here.

If you are overseas please do not order anything without calling us first. Our number is at the bottom of this page and we are in North America Pacific Time Zone.



What are your shop’s capabilities?

We manufacture components and assemblies for several different markets and do general machine work that fits our capabilities.  A list of our in house equipment-

  • Mori-Seiki MV-45 x30″y18″z30″ travels VMC 3+1 axis
  • Mori-Seiki MV-65B x60″y26″z30″ travels VMC
  • Kitamuru H300 x16″y14″z16″ HMC with full B axis
  • 2x Mazak M4 22″ x 60″ 50HP twin turret CNC lathes with steady rest capability
  • 2x Mazak 50″ X 100″  cutting lasers
  • Press brake
  • Horizontal 10×20 bandsaw
  • Grob 24″ vertical bandsaw with blade welder
  • Max Drill 3′ radial arm drill
  • Axelson 14 x 30 15HP toolroom lathe
  • American Pacemaker  20X120 15HP lathe Newall DRO
  • Kuraki  KBT-1003W Horizontal Boring Mill 48x48x60 travels plus 27″ quill, full power B axis, tailstock and Newall DRO 10,000 lb table capacity
  • Bridgeport milling machine
  • Elb 12 x 24 3 axis automatic surface grinder
  • Aeroquip precision  crimper
  • Shop made 15 HP 100 ton hydraulic straight side press
  • Bliss 300 ton stamping press, decoiler and air feed
  • Greenerd No. 3.5 arbor press
  • Greenerd No. 5 arbor press
  • Vibratory finishing line
  • Various MIG welders
  • Various TIG welders
  • 15′ T-slotted layout table
  • Imperial rotary draw tubing bender
  • Full compliment of quality inspection equipment
  • Forklifts: 5000 Hyster, 2500 Komatsu
  • Shaw Box 5 ton overhead wireless crane covers 34′ wide and 80′ long 16’6″ hook height
  • 1800 sq ft of product inventory
  • Extensive raw materials inventory


What if I still have questions?

Read the above one more time. Otherwise…we welcome your questions and comments, as we are always interested in improving the content and technical information of www.duiser.com.  We review and respond to these in a timely manner.  For general questions, please use the following link: contact us or give us a call at 503-545-3731